Friday 10 September 2010

Player Manager Save Disk Tool

The UltimateBinary team are proud to present PMSaveDiskTool.
The original and best football manager game on the Amiga, Player Manager by Dino Dini and released by Anco is always worth digging up and playing once more, either on Amiga or WinUAE. The sad thing is that age comes to us all, and your heroic manager will become too old and slow to be of any use in the game after enough seasons are played. Until now.
Boot up your Amiga or run an emulator then simply point this utility to the disk image on your hard drive, locate your team and player manager and you will be able to cheat time by changing your age back to a youthful 18.
To give extra life to the game you may also become the manager of any team. Also, the strength of the other teams can be adjusted if the game is proving too easy or difficult.

(UPDATE : v1.2 adds a name edit mode)

Naturally it's wise to make a backup of your save disk before doing anything else.


  1. Wow! I`m impressed!

    Whens the next version coming out ? are you going to allow any more changes to the players? cant believe you can change any players age :)
    What I need is selection to make a player, a player manager.
    My PM died a hundred years ago ;)

  2. Darren, the tool was originally created for personal use and was only recently updated for the public with no schedule for further updates. As it is merely a save file editor there is only so much it can do but your suggestion of changing the player manager does seem on the face of it to be within its scope. If experiments are successful there may soon be an update.

  3. Fantastic news Mr UB :)

    Thanks for listening, I await, in a cat like state of readiness!!


  4. Actually, while I`m thinking about it. Couple of things to look at if your going to update it a little. Once a disk is opened you can`t open another save disk without quitting and re-opening.
    And I have a focus issue. Meaning it sits behind windows even when you click on it.. it never comes to the front. No biggies really but I thought I`d mention it.
    Any ideas on the mystery stats? I thought one of them might have been a player manager ( I know when I hex edited something a long while ago, changing it to 00 ( to make a player a PM ) So I loaded a save and clicked on my old PM. but the mystery stats don`t change when you select a no PM player.. so it`s not that.
    Interesting to see flair there, as it`s a hidden stat in the game!
    thanks again :)


  5. A quick update, after responding to feedback v1.1 is now ready to download.

    Darren, we are aware of various interface issues but the emphasis for this tool is function over appearance.
    The mystery starts are so called as they remain a mystery. Please post any ideas here.
    UB Team


    This is brilliant.. thanks so much!

    Mystery stats hmmm

  7. Hi again... can I let you know of a couple of things I`ve noticed :)
    I was imagining that the you could either increase the players individually or the teams as a whole. But i notice that when you increase.. it increases every player, every team.... even your own team. So if you want to make the game harder by making the other players/teams harder - the way it works now it doesn`t work. Because as you increase the other teams, your team increases at the same rate.

    It would be good to increase either per player or per team ( leaving the other teams alone ) you understand?
    Other than that :) brilliant...

    thanks again for a great tool..

  8. The `Become Manager` button crashes the tool on my xp laptop.

  9. Darren, if you were prepared to email your disk image to UltimateBinary at for analysis an answer may be found to the problems you are experiencing.
    The difficulty slider should only effect the other teams and as you say your team is also effected this indicates some error.

  10. Ok.. Increasing the stats etc seems to work, must of been me not selecting my player after I did it. So it still showed the updated stats from the other teams.. silly me !!


  11. An XP problem with switching manager has been resolved. PMSaveDiskTool_v1.1a is now available for download.

  12. Brilliant stuff UB.
    XP crash fixed :)

    Also it looks like the Homeless stat increase is fixed also :) That`ll please Alkis :)


  13. A full name edit mode has been added to the tool in v1.2.
    In order for this to be possible, both the game ADF and the data ADF must be patched. It is strongly advisable to backup both files involved as patched files are not backwardly compatible with the originals.
    Non ASCII characters are supported in the tool, but are not yet available in the game.
    The UB Team.

  14. Wow! just had a little play with the new version.

    I don`t understand the names. If I use the extended set I get all these other surnames and if I don`t then my players all get crazy back slashes and stars etc !!
    Is there no way of using the existing names and just being able to change them ??

    Also - the exended names ( the other surnames ) where did they come from out of interest??

  15. Darren, if you just wish to be able to edit the existing names, you must convert the save disk to use custom names when prompted, then choose to keep the standard surname list. i.e. Click Yes then No. If you choose to mix a patched game ADF with a non patched save ADF you will see what you described.
    The extended name set was sourced from an online database of common european names.
    Any feedback on this experimental technology is appreciated.
    The UB Team.

  16. Not feedback for ver 1.2
    The name changing seems to work :) superb news.

    Just going back to a comment on

    With increasing the other teams and leaving the players in `The Homeless ( player market )` Alkis found that after one game the players price went mental high again...

    I need to confirm this I guess..

    thanks again for this wonderful little prog :)

  17. Great tool this, thanks.

    Is there any way to change the stats of the players, and how do I "patch" the game and the save please??

  18. Cam, there is currently no support for changing the player stats apart from the age but it would be a very simple addition to the tool if required.
    Patching of the game is a popup option when you run v1.2
    The UB Team

  19. v1.3 now available on the new site.

    The UB Team

  20. Fantastic Work!! Would be great to have a similar tool also on The Soccer Player Manager 2016

  21. Hi UB team.
    Was there any other versions created after 1.4 ??
    Also I have a suggestion on the current version. The ability to filter the players in role please.