Monday 25 April 2011

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Tuesday 2 November 2010


The UltimateBinary team are proud to present UltimateStandby.

UltimateStandby brings intelligence to your energy saving world. With this installed on your system you can control exactly what you mean by idle, and what should happen when your computer has reached that idle state. Not only can UltimateStandby put your system into standby mode, but also hibernate and shutdown are supported.

You can define the idle state as a combination of the following.
- Time since last user activity
- CPU activity
- Hard drive activity
- Network activity

Sensitivity settings are available to finely tune to your requirements.

For instance you can configure UltimateStandby to put your computer into standby mode when a large download has finished, or an intensive processing task is over. With UltimateStandby you have full control.

If you experience installation problems then you may require this microsoft update.

Saturday 18 September 2010

Unicode Counter

The UltimateBinary team are keen to share Unicode Counter.
This handy little tool for those working with unicode text files. Just drag and drop a unicode text file into the window and a list is displayed of all the characters within followed by a count of each of those characters. This proves very useful for identifying rogue characters.

Friday 10 September 2010

Player Manager Save Disk Tool

The UltimateBinary team are proud to present PMSaveDiskTool.
The original and best football manager game on the Amiga, Player Manager by Dino Dini and released by Anco is always worth digging up and playing once more, either on Amiga or WinUAE. The sad thing is that age comes to us all, and your heroic manager will become too old and slow to be of any use in the game after enough seasons are played. Until now.
Boot up your Amiga or run an emulator then simply point this utility to the disk image on your hard drive, locate your team and player manager and you will be able to cheat time by changing your age back to a youthful 18.
To give extra life to the game you may also become the manager of any team. Also, the strength of the other teams can be adjusted if the game is proving too easy or difficult.

(UPDATE : v1.2 adds a name edit mode)

Naturally it's wise to make a backup of your save disk before doing anything else.