Tuesday 2 November 2010


The UltimateBinary team are proud to present UltimateStandby.

UltimateStandby brings intelligence to your energy saving world. With this installed on your system you can control exactly what you mean by idle, and what should happen when your computer has reached that idle state. Not only can UltimateStandby put your system into standby mode, but also hibernate and shutdown are supported.

You can define the idle state as a combination of the following.
- Time since last user activity
- CPU activity
- Hard drive activity
- Network activity

Sensitivity settings are available to finely tune to your requirements.

For instance you can configure UltimateStandby to put your computer into standby mode when a large download has finished, or an intensive processing task is over. With UltimateStandby you have full control.

If you experience installation problems then you may require this microsoft update.

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